Avatria Convert

Avatria Convert is a tool that uses sales and behavioral data to predict the products your customers are most likely to purchase and automatically shows them at the top of the page. 

Crystal Ball

Better Results

Works with your analytics tool and leverages existing customer behavior and shopping data

Improve product findability and result quality to generate more sales

Increased Conversion

Eliminates Manual Effort

Show customers what they want and provide them with a better shopping experience

Leverages machine learning to continually improve and get smarter over time

Improved Customer Loyalty

Results are accurate and targeted based on customer preferences

Increased Conversion
Customer Loyalty

Fully automated solution that can generate customer insights and identify shopping patterns

Better Results

Predictive Analysis

Data Driven

Data-Driven Approach

Features & Benefits

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How It Works


Convert analyzes the data to connect the dots

Convert analyzes the data using it’s machine learning algorithms to connect the dots and determine what is most relevant and important.

Based on your input, Convert provides recommended rankings of products back to you in easy to use dashboards.

You decide how to optimize



As customers make purchases on your site, your analytics tool tracks all of the details of their interaction which then gets fed into Avatria Convert.

Convert connects to your site and dynamically re-sorts the results list to display the most relevant products at the top of the list.

Your customers make purchases

Convert re-sorts the results list


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